Friday, June 15, 2007

Nite, dreemz n fireflies

O! dear fire fly
why are you so shy
Come hither! come hither
and we shall sit together

You remain awake the whole night
for some reason unknown
come hither, O lovely bright
so that i can tell you mine own

The fire in you never burns you
but makes you shine
and such a fire lies
in this heart of mine

When darkness falls on night skies
a silky dream creeps into my eyes
for the fear that it might break
with the morning light
I keep myself awake
through the whole long night

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pata nahin koi jaadu tha woh !
ya bas kuch baadal thhe pighle...
ek chhatri k neechey
hum thhe, tum thhe
aadhey sukhe, aadhey geelay

Kitna kuch lekar hum thhe miley!
kuch uljhi si bhaavnayen
thodi si zidd
aur dher saare shikve giley....
lekin bas pal bhar mein
gira diye thhe tez hawa ne
shaakhon per jitne patte thhey peelay
ek chhatri k neechay
hum thhe, tum thhe
aadhey sukhe , aadhey geelay

Bheegay huey raaston pe haath pakad kar
hum hans rahe thhe apni nadani per
per kehte thhe palkon k baadal
abhi baras padenge ye nain nasheelay
har oar baras rahe thhe megh
aur baras raha thha neh
ek chhatri k neechey
hum thhe, tum thhe
aadhe sukhey , aadhe geelay