Friday, June 15, 2007

Nite, dreemz n fireflies

O! dear fire fly
why are you so shy
Come hither! come hither
and we shall sit together

You remain awake the whole night
for some reason unknown
come hither, O lovely bright
so that i can tell you mine own

The fire in you never burns you
but makes you shine
and such a fire lies
in this heart of mine

When darkness falls on night skies
a silky dream creeps into my eyes
for the fear that it might break
with the morning light
I keep myself awake
through the whole long night


Nalin said...

faint memories of a distant first poem :)

mridani said...


Nidhi said...

awesome ur poems. Too gud.

Nalin said...

thanks :)

kavita said...

hi nalin, glad u got ur own blog
will go thru ur stuff in liesure

Anonymous said...


VaRtIkA said...

i m glad to know dat u have still treasured ur first poem.... thodi ammateur lagi thi mujhe ye rachnaa... but now dat i know dat it was d first poemof urs,i find it too gud to be some1's beginning...