Sunday, September 23, 2007


iss se pehle ke ta-aruf ke liye
mil paate kuch alfaaz
wo hamein
humse behtar samajhne lage

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Chaurahon pe khade log aksar
Baatein karte hain
Kabhi chand ki sitaron ki
Kabhi bichde huey yaron ki
Behti hui hawaon ki
Guzri hui bahaaron ki

Kuch ban.tey hain khud nazaare
Kuch baatein karte hain nazaaron ki
Adh jhuki palkon ki
Aankhon se huey isharon ki

Baatein liye dhoop ki tapish
Kabhi nami phuharon ki
Aati hui lehron ki
Doobtey huey kinaron ki

Achi lagti hain hame wo saari baatein
Siwaye jab wo poochte hain

Hamse hamaron ki

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nite, dreemz n fireflies

O! dear fire fly
why are you so shy
Come hither! come hither
and we shall sit together

You remain awake the whole night
for some reason unknown
come hither, O lovely bright
so that i can tell you mine own

The fire in you never burns you
but makes you shine
and such a fire lies
in this heart of mine

When darkness falls on night skies
a silky dream creeps into my eyes
for the fear that it might break
with the morning light
I keep myself awake
through the whole long night

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pata nahin koi jaadu tha woh !
ya bas kuch baadal thhe pighle...
ek chhatri k neechey
hum thhe, tum thhe
aadhey sukhe, aadhey geelay

Kitna kuch lekar hum thhe miley!
kuch uljhi si bhaavnayen
thodi si zidd
aur dher saare shikve giley....
lekin bas pal bhar mein
gira diye thhe tez hawa ne
shaakhon per jitne patte thhey peelay
ek chhatri k neechay
hum thhe, tum thhe
aadhey sukhe , aadhey geelay

Bheegay huey raaston pe haath pakad kar
hum hans rahe thhe apni nadani per
per kehte thhe palkon k baadal
abhi baras padenge ye nain nasheelay
har oar baras rahe thhe megh
aur baras raha thha neh
ek chhatri k neechey
hum thhe, tum thhe
aadhe sukhey , aadhe geelay

Monday, May 21, 2007

My experiments with love - an autobiography

मेरे िजगर पर वार कर गये
उनकी नज़रों के ballastic missile
यूं िखंचा मेर िदल उनके िदल की तरफ
जैसे nucleus की तरफ िंखचता है nucleophile

देखते ही देखते िदलों का ऐसा rearrangement हो गया
मेरे िदल का delocalisation permanent हो गया
जहां कभी था एक धड़कता हुआ िदल
मेरे सीने का वो orbital अब vacant हो गया
धीरे धीरे िदल का िफर िदल से agreement हो गया
और प्यार का bond, coordinate से covalent हो गया

पर िजस reaction की feasibilty पर मुझे इतना गुमान था
उस reaction की reversibility का नहीं तिनक अनुमान था

अब तनहा पड़ा इस jar में,
सोच रहा संसार में
stability और affinity में
कौन िकसका आधार है
periodic table में जो नीचे हैं
bonding में भी वो पीछे हैं
क्यों छीने हे प्रभु तुमने
उनके सारे अिधकार हैं

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rasta hai dhuaan dhuaan sa

manzil ki khabar nahin

Safar hai lamba aur

saath koi hamsafar nahin

Dhundh ke parde par yaadon ke saaye

saath chalte hain kuch door

phir kho jaate hain kahin

Aye kaash ke phir milen hum

kisi raah ke kisi mod par

phir se banayein ek nai pehchaan

phir chal padein unhi ajnabee raaston par

dhoondtey hue apne hi pairon ke nishaan

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bas chand lamhon ke liye

gul se shabnam ki mulakaat hoti hai

jab kisi ka din nikalta hai

to kisi ki raat hoti hai

Saturday, April 21, 2007

An ode to the woman in ankita's sketch

Wish I knew where she abides
What are the fears that she hides
Behind this unimpassioned face
The frailty behind this stoic grace
I wish that I knew.

Though devoid of colors
Yet so full of lure
Is there a contempt in her eyes?
Or she just wants to be sure
I wish that I knew

Is this ivy or myrtles
She wears in her braided hair
In her heart is love which kindles
Or just a fleeting flare

How I wish, that I knew !

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A morass of blues

My window overlooks a landscape
But I keep it closed to ward off the chilly air
And for the view outside I don’t much care
For I know only too well what lies out there--
An old road, on which I never saw any one pass,
By the white mist, shrouding a blue morass

Often in sleepless nights I walk up to the window
With cold, lifeless darkness pervading outside
The glass of window mirrors only what’s inside
Thinking about the blue morass
And the road no more in use
In the panes I see reflected
Pangs of failures and a morass of blues

This morning, shafts of golden light
Filtered to my bed through the window’s sieves
With disbelieving wonder I heard
Punctuated by calls of cuckoo bird
Distant rustling of the leaves
Curious, I opened the window
So sure of finding the abandoned road and the blue morass

But what I saw was clear blue sky spread over lush green grass

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bhoot hun main

shunya se jab jeevan nikal gaya
to baki reh gaya kaal
jhoot, paap aur bhay ka janjaal
maut jahan nigalti jeevan ko
aise bhayawah shamshanon mein
ghor ghane biyabanon mein
barfeeli sard chattanon mein
soonsaan makanon mein
rehta main har jagah hun
milta par kahin nahin hun
paida hota mann mein
mann ka par main waham nahin hun

shaakh se gira k patton ko
fiza ne darakht se kaha
'kitne badal gaye ho tum'


While lying in the ruins of past
I often road to my destination behold
on its grassy surface i view
strewn like morning dew
my dreams growing old

Beneath the white tufts of clouds crossing the vast blue sky
while lying in these ruins I' ve seen, seasons come and go by
On a misty morning,my road often disappears
and when autumn leaves are falling
a desolate look it bears
but again its hung with fragrant flowers
when joy comes down in careless showers

I long to walk that road
which I' ve long seen
wet and dry
but to leave these ruins
I'm not very keen
one may wonder why

What lies in these ruins
that doesn't lets me leave
maybe, its mellow melancholy
which some memories weave
or its isolation,where no one hears my sighs
or may be its darkness
which lets me escape even my own eyes

But now on this dawn when my path lies glittering in the sun
I decide to these ruins some other day I shall return
I may return someday to relish
delectable memories of the past
but today I move out to cherish
my dreams - for they may not forever last