Sunday, April 15, 2007

A morass of blues

My window overlooks a landscape
But I keep it closed to ward off the chilly air
And for the view outside I don’t much care
For I know only too well what lies out there--
An old road, on which I never saw any one pass,
By the white mist, shrouding a blue morass

Often in sleepless nights I walk up to the window
With cold, lifeless darkness pervading outside
The glass of window mirrors only what’s inside
Thinking about the blue morass
And the road no more in use
In the panes I see reflected
Pangs of failures and a morass of blues

This morning, shafts of golden light
Filtered to my bed through the window’s sieves
With disbelieving wonder I heard
Punctuated by calls of cuckoo bird
Distant rustling of the leaves
Curious, I opened the window
So sure of finding the abandoned road and the blue morass

But what I saw was clear blue sky spread over lush green grass

1 comment:

Joplin said...

the sky..and the morass..don they complement each other? and i was thinkin on those lines...funy how the color blue has this surreal "blue dreams" et al