Thursday, April 12, 2007


While lying in the ruins of past
I often road to my destination behold
on its grassy surface i view
strewn like morning dew
my dreams growing old

Beneath the white tufts of clouds crossing the vast blue sky
while lying in these ruins I' ve seen, seasons come and go by
On a misty morning,my road often disappears
and when autumn leaves are falling
a desolate look it bears
but again its hung with fragrant flowers
when joy comes down in careless showers

I long to walk that road
which I' ve long seen
wet and dry
but to leave these ruins
I'm not very keen
one may wonder why

What lies in these ruins
that doesn't lets me leave
maybe, its mellow melancholy
which some memories weave
or its isolation,where no one hears my sighs
or may be its darkness
which lets me escape even my own eyes

But now on this dawn when my path lies glittering in the sun
I decide to these ruins some other day I shall return
I may return someday to relish
delectable memories of the past
but today I move out to cherish
my dreams - for they may not forever last


Sumit Saxena said...

I have always loved this one since BHU.
But to tell you honestly, I want to go back on those roads itrrespective of what my dreams demand and what I am supposed to do!
I hope to reach their soon...r u coming along??

anupa said...

this is one of the best thing that i've read of urs!...u rock at this!...this poem is on of the best offense but this poem better than the other ones! jus keep up the gr8 work!!:P

Prachi said...

Greatly impressed by ur vocab n live n superb depiction of feelings, may it be sorrowful or joyous!!!

Actually one more reason that heads ur way the above compliment is that such deep meaning carrying poems when written by great poets do not seem to leave an ever lasting effect.... but when the same thing is served by one like u among the masses , then it influences alot.