Saturday, April 21, 2007

An ode to the woman in ankita's sketch

Wish I knew where she abides
What are the fears that she hides
Behind this unimpassioned face
The frailty behind this stoic grace
I wish that I knew.

Though devoid of colors
Yet so full of lure
Is there a contempt in her eyes?
Or she just wants to be sure
I wish that I knew

Is this ivy or myrtles
She wears in her braided hair
In her heart is love which kindles
Or just a fleeting flare

How I wish, that I knew !


sumit said...

this one is the best..
nd i guess it impressed the right people sometim back !!

Nalin said...

thanks sumit !!!
it did impressed the rite people but somehow i cud not pursue the rite course after that... :(

Joplin said...

beautiful imagery

manjari said...

Once again another great poem by u buddy..:)

VaRtIkA said...

too gud... simply loved this